What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files, which are stored on your device when you visit websites and use other online services. Cookies are used to provide the visitor access to functions and benefits, by collecting a limited amount of information about the user. The purpose of cookies may be to enable the user to use the page without logging in separately or to save language and other preferences in order to make the next visit more fluent.
Cookies are occasionally used for gathering information, which can be regarded as personal data, like an IP-address or information connected to the IP-address. But information directly attributable to you as a person is not collected. The purpose is to create personal and relevant content for you as a visitor.


We use cookies in order to improve your user experience.

Permanent cookies: Permanent cookies are saved as cramped textfiles on your computer. They are later on deleted at a preset date. For instance permanent cookies can be used for storing settings which the user configures between visits on different webpages.

Session cookies: Session cookies are stored in the temporary storage of the web browser and are erased when the web browser is closed. Session cookies can be used for example for maintaining a login while the user switches from one page to another.


How can I control or delete cookies?

The visitor of a webpage may accept or reject the usage of cookies in the settings of the web browser. Most of the web browsers accept cookies automatically. The information regarding disabling these functions can be found in the Help-menu of your web browser. Note that rejecting cookies to our webpage may imply non optimal functioning of the webpage for your browser.